Wednesday, April 28, 2010

President Kimball Story

So one of the benefits to having a family website is I get to hear really awesome stories from my Aunts and Uncles and their experiences growing up as they watch all of their family going through similiar life experiences. It is always fun when you get a story you haven't heard before, like this one:

In the words of my Aunt Becky:
"Jan (my Aunt Jan...sister of Becky) could probably post a more accurate version since her memory is much better than mine! But this is what I remember: We happened to be in Hawaii the same time that the prophet was visiting. We went to the Polynesian Cultural Center and found that Pres. Kimball was visiting at the same time. We followed his group around the Center and watched that dear man be covered with leis. They got so high on him that he could hardly see! The next day we went to Stake Conference and guess who was speaking! Anyway, after church, a local family asked us over for dinner. Jan and I were teenagers and they only had young children and we thought we were way to cool and decided that we didn't want to go. So mom and dad took us back to the hotel and extracted the promise that we would not go to the beach. After they left, Jan and I looked at each other and said "the pool is not the beach!" and put on our 2 piece suits and headed for the elevator. On the way down, the elevator stopped and President Kimball and his assistants got on. Jan and I looked at the floor all the way down to the main floor, doors opened and President Kimball got off. We stayed on and went back up to the room and put our Sunday clothes back on and stayed in the room the rest of the day. I didn't get the chance to shake his hand or introduce myself because I was too embarrassed. It was a powerful lesson at the time about how we might feel in front of the Savior. May we not meet Him in metaphorical two piece swimming suits having done what we shouldn't have done!"

Wow! What a powerful image huh? I love my family!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Family Portraits

We've been here in Texas for 4 years and I have yet to do the famous Texas blue bonnet this year I couldn't let it pass us by again. Thank you over and over again C for helping us out! So for your viewing pleasure...

So four out five this way...

or four out of five this way...which do you prefer? (Seriously, cause I want to order some prints for our empty picture frames.)

I love making these boys laugh and I love being their mom...I'm overwhelmed with love.

A daddy/daughter of many to come I'm sure.

Eddie I love you beyond words. Thank you for giving my life meaning.

The Fort Worth Air Show

Yesterday I had a really difficult decision to make. I could either go and support my Stake Relief Society leaders and attend the Stake Enrichment Activity (which looked like they had put a lot of work in to) or spend Saturday morning with Eddie and the kids at the Fort Worth Air show because he had the morning off from work. I promised it really was a hard decision, but ultimately I decided I needed to be with my family. I think I made the right choice and we had a great time. I especially felt like a kid again as the planes flying over head brought me back to the days of going to Moffet Field with my Dad. For some reason, when I look at this picture below I get a lump in my throat and I think about walking hand in hand with my own Dad and riding on his shoulders...and it makes me homesick.

I love that Drew has his hands on his daddy's precious!

Daddy and his little girl.

Nate sporting our alma mater.

Family shot in front of some crazy looking fighter plane.

The boys in front of this really small first aide helicopter...they had just been yelled at for touching it and so we lost the smiles right as I clicked...oh well, they're still cute.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I spoke too soon...

Maggie rolled over from her back to her tummy and back again this afternoon. Yeah Maggie!

However, not so yeah that it took her a good 1.5 hours to fall asleep this afternoon. But she finally crashed after I laid down with her in our bed. I think she can't sleep unless she contorts her head and neck into the most uncomfortable position and smothers her face into a pillow.

While I was working to get Maggie down I knew Drew needed to take a nap too but he's majorly fighting me on nap time right now and so I just let him stay up. I do have to say, he put up a good fight and then crashed watching "Electric Company".

Isn't Drew adorable? He's so peaceful when he's asleep...and then he wakes up and goes a million miles a minute until he finally crashes for bed.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


So it is embarrassing to admit that I spent a full week out in Tucson with my family and didn't take a single picture until the day before we left. And it's a picture that doesn't even have everyone in it.

Here is Andrew, Caleb, Nathan and Maggie taking time out from their show to smile for the camera. Don't the boys look like they could all be brothers?

They obviously didn't give me much more than a moment...this picture was taken quite literally seconds after the first. I did however manage to get a short clip of dinner with four fast friends and cousins...We miss you guys!

Sorry...that's all I've got pictures wise. Hopefully Jason has some more pictures because it was so gorgeous up in Sabino Canyon that it truly is a shame I don't have anything documenting it.

My adorable 6 month old...

who is actually closer to 7 months now that I've taken so long to post pictures and an update on her.

Maggie had her 6 month well-check about 3 weeks ago and her stats were:

Heigth: 90%
Weight: 20%
Head: 50%

She is basically following the same trajectory since her birth...tall and skinny. Lets pray that continues through her life. ;) I don't remember all the numbers exactly but she weighed in somewhere around 14 lbs.

Eddie just took this clip of Maggie this morning at breakfast...It combines two of her favorite things. Eating and Talking.

Maggie is such a joy in our lives. The boys adore her, Eddie is in love with her and I couldn't do my life without her. She gives me such joy and happiness and calmness. She still hasn't rolled over yet or sat up by herself, but we're working on it. She loves to put anything in to her mouth and lights up when you pay attention to her. She's a PRO when it comes to putting her own paci in her mouth, but still prefers to suck on her pointer and middle fingers.

We love you Mags!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Letter from my cousin

So my cousin Bryan is coming home from his mission this week and he sent home his final letter. His words have been on my mind all week as I've pondered exactly what my "sights" are set on. I think his letter is very indicative of the great missionary he was and the amazing man he's become. It fills me with excitement (and a little bit of dread) at the thought of my children leaving me to go on their own mission and coming back grown, mature men. I know that as we follow the Savior and do His will, our lives will be overflowing with happiness and joy and peace. And as hard as it will be to see my boys go, I can't wait to see them follow in their second cousin's footsteps. Here is a part of the letter that really touched me and made me ponder:

This has truly been the greatest blessing in my life. I have learned so much these last two years and I'm grateful to the Lord for allowing me to have these experiences. I just wish that it didn't have to end. It reminds me of the story in the tenth chapter of Mark. In this story (verses 46-52) blind Bartimaeus is begging by the wayside and he hears that Jesus of Nazareth is coming by. So he calls out, "Jesus, thou Son of David, have mercy on me." Those around him tried to stop him from yelling, but he persisted and cried louder, "Thou Son of David, have mercy on me." Finally, Christ, as he always does, came mercifully near and asked him, "What wilt thou that I should do unto thee?" Bartimaeus' response was so perfect the Lord could not refuse him: "Lord, that I might receive my sight." Christ responded, "Go thy way; thy faith hath made thee whole." The story beautifully concludes, "And immediately he received his sight, and followed Jesus in the way." To me this is a story about us all. We, like blind Bartimaeus, are crying out for mercy because we have become blinded to the things that are most important. And Christ, as he always will, comes tenderly near to hear our plea. But, to be sure we are ready, he asks, "What wilt thou that I should do unto thee?" or in common speak, "What do you want?" And our response must be like the blind man's: "Lord, that I might receive my sight. Please help me to see things as they really are: Thee, myself, the world. Help me to see what's really important." And with a response like that the Lord can't refuse and he will help us see. I feel as though I am in the position of blind Bartimaeus. I have been granted the gift of sight over these two years. Right now, despite my imperfections, I feel that I see things--God, myself, and the world--more clearly than I have ever seen them before. I'm scared to come home because I'm worried the vision I have may become clouded and filled with things that are unimportant. It has been an honor to "follow Jesus in the way" over these last two years. It has forever changed my life. Please be patient with me as I come home and realize that, although I am coming home to many things that I love, I am leaving behind a work, a calling, and a people that I love with all my heart. I am so grateful to have good family like all of you who have showed me all the love and support that I could ask for. I am grateful for the Savior and I know that the only way that we will truly "see" is by living according to His teachings and staying close to His mercy. The Restoration is real and this is not just a church that we belong to, but it is in fact the Kingdom of God on the earth. What a blessing. What a tremendous honor it is to represent the Savior, if only in our small ways.

Welcome home Bud!