Friday, October 31, 2008

Another tag

okay so i have not visited blogs in who GOODNESS KNOWS HOW LONG and i'm thinking its probably better when i don't, cause now i'm way behind in here goes another one:

go to your fourth photo folder, post the fourth picture and tag four other lucky, unsuspecting victims.

i'm not sure when this pic was taken other than in "july 08" but i'm pretty sure it is compliments of nathan goofing around with the camera.

i now duly tag cindi, janay, angela, april

6-6-5 Tag

The rules for this tag are simple: Choose the sixth picture from your sixth picture folder and post it. Then, tag 5 people.

Okay so here it be:

This picture cracks me up. Nate had come out and told us, he was "ready for school". He had done his own hair and gotten on his little back pack...i should just mention that he also had picked out his clothes and shoes.

I tag: Erin, Amy, Michelle, Jenifer, Natalie

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thank you dear friends!

I don't have any pictures to post yet, which is embarrassing cause i haven't posted anything in forever and lots has happened. I think it's another one of those experiences where the task seems so daunting that I just bury my head in the sand and will "get to it later". I just spent the last hour blog hopping and catching up a little on some dear friend's blogs and I just wanted to say, "I LOVE YOU!" I have been so blessed in my life to meet and keep the greatest friends and though I'm horrendous at keeping in touch, I'm so grateful for you. I'm so grateful for the lessons I've learned through your friendships. Life is good. It's hard, particularly as Nov. 7th and the anniversary of my mother's death is rapidly approaching, but I feel joy in saying life's good. I'm so grateful for technology so I can keep updated on your happenings and can have my cup filled by your willingness to share moments of your life with me. So, thank you dear friends. Have a Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 10, 2008

California's Prop 8

I just spoke with my sister today, and I'm amazed at what her experiences have been while trying to support the family within our society structure. She shared this link with me today and I wanted to post it here in the hopes that it will get you thinking as it has me.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Prayer Request

Hello. I know that we have a lot of people already praying for us, but we could use some more. I'm not sure who knows about our home situation here, but we have been having some foundation problems on our just barely a year old house. We hired an engineer to come look at it before our home warranty was up and got the reports to the builder. He tried to tell us it was our fault cause we didn't "water properly" and then had his own engineer come out. (this was about 1 1/2 months ago) His engineer came out and said that watering might have had something to do with it but it had more to do with how the drainage was set up in our backyard. When he gave us the report his reccomendation was the same as our engineer. We tried to call the builder and he was conveniently out of town for 6 weeks. We finally got a call back from him today and he tried to tell Eddie that because he has pictures of our lawn brown (which spots were brown but we had basically two months of temps over 103degrees and EVERYONE'S lawns were brown spotted...and besides our tree was green and our neighbors is totally dead!) that he expects us to pay at least half if not more of the repairs. So we're going to have to go to a mediation situation where a thrid party engineer comes out and inspects the house. Pretty much whatever this third party guys says we have to do...although when Eddie told the builder we opted to go to a mediation he said that he didn't have to do what they told him to do. So now we're not sure what is going on and/or what to do. So any and all prayers would be greatly appreciated.