Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"This is Me"

Thanks to Joni's big win, I discovered a truly inspired post from Mommy Snark. She creates a list of things that she "is" and then writes:

"And you know what? I like this person that I am. In this skin, in these jeans, I am comfortable. Sometimes though, I slip. I hesitate to embrace the reality of me and instead look at what others are, what others can do."

"I compare."

At times in my life I've been able to say, "I like this person that I am." But mostly, I haven't been able to. I feel like this is part of the journey I'm on. To be able to say it, mean it, and be okay with Me. I have learned that it can slip away all too quickly and I don't want it too ever again. And the fastest way it slips is when I start to compare myself to other people and other standards. I think taht is why I loved Mommy Snark's post so much...she states, "I remember that when I love who I am, it is much easier to love others for who they are." And truly, I'm surrounded by so many people who I love and love me. And so, my journey continues.