Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our foundation.

So after, what, 13 months, we've finally gotten our foundation repaired on our house. The builder, Bear Creek Dev., called us and set up an appt. for Monday the 6th to come out and show us what they were going to do. They didn't show up, but called and told us they would be here Wednesday to get started and then show us then what we needed to do to get ready. We had what seemed like a million questions which Evelyn at BCD couldn't answer, but she refused to give us the name or number of the company they hired. This did not sit well with us. Anywhoo, Eddie finally got a hold of Evelyn and got the name of the company finagled out of her and googled them. Late that night he called them and got a hold of the owner of the company, A-1 Pier Installment, and was able to ask all our questions. We looked them up on the Better Business Bureau and they ranked an A+ and had been in business for 10+ years and offer a lifetime guarantee on their beams. So our fears were put to somewhat rest and we awaited their arrival. They showed up Wednesday afternoon and started work right away. Sam, the owner, came in and explained what they were going to do and what would need to be moved/covered to get the work done on the inside. Here are some pic's from that first day:


The iron rods.

Dirt pile up...they hauled out so much dirt it was mind boggling. Of course this picture doesn't even begin to show what they pulled out.

The first hole.
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A not very good shot at the hole.

These next pictures are from the next day: All the holes along the side of the house.

Our master bedroom all ready to dig a hole and put in a beam.

My boys modeling the kitchen and it's many drapes.

Drew couldn't get enough of this ladder...he loved climbing up and down it.

These next ones are the finished product:

The kitchen. We have two holes in our floor and a different contractor is coming out tomorrow (Thursday) to look at everything that needs to be fixed and finished.

The Master Bedroom hole.

The holes that were outside are now covered and you would never know they were even back there. It is such a blessing to have this part of our stress over and done with. We feel like the Lord truly has guided us through this "hole" process (I couldn't resist Dad) and that He has watched out for us.


So the blog entry I'm working up to is about our foundation getting fixed! (Can I get a hallejuiah?) Anyways, the day they started we had our friends come over and play so I could attempt to pack up our master bedroom sans my boys. Does anyone else get more done when they have playdates? X and Nate are the best of friends and put up with Drew following around and they can occupy themselves all day, with the occasional "share you guys" interruption. So this day we were lucky enough to have the D family come join our ranks. D and T were delightful and they all played together really well. Plus with all the loud banging, hyrdolic noises coming from outside, their screaming and yelling didn't bother anyone.


Snack time on the couch.

Showing off their snacks of gold fish in little baggies...

The whole group.
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Fun in the sun!

So the day before the V's left for their trip to UT, we went over and played a little in their pool. The boys had a blast as you can see from the pics. I wish I could have gotten a picture of Nette and I chilling in the shade...It was the perfect set up.


The crew.


Drew getting ready to slide. He'll say "re-re, um, go." Translation: ready, um, go.


L going down in style.

Eating some fresh, delicious strawberries in the cool water...can life get any better?

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Nate's turn down the slide.

Fourth of July


Check out our $2 shirts from Walmart!


Yes, something is wrong with our friend Eric...


On the hill behind Tom Thumb watching the fireworks of various cities.


Meagan and Matt before their little Parker joined the world.
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