Friday, April 3, 2009

Our Christmas Top Ten List

Number 1

Getting to spend so much time with family...


I love this picture of Aunt M with Nate...And for the observant reader, yes that's rock band to the right and yes we played it everynight into the wee hours of the morning.
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Number 2

Getting to visit the pacific ocean not once, but twice!


The first time we got to spend it with Eddie and his family over in Aptos. Aren't they cute?

It was fun to have everyone there and I wish I had thought to get a group shot, but I thought this was beautiful of J & C.
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The second trip was to a beach in Venice, CA and it was gorgeous! Words do not even express the beauty and fun we had that day. Here is a slideshow to demonstrate but a few of those moments:

Number 3

Spending Christmas day with family and friends in Cali!


Seriously, it was so amazing getting to spend so much time with Eddie's family. And to have the little kiddos running around with M and the family dog Belle was priceless. We had already opened our presents before we left so we wouldn't have to haul them there and back, so I was a little worried about what their experience would be like on Christmas day, but it was overwhelming! The generosity and kindness and love was just tangible. Thank you Haws family for making our Christmas so wonderful.
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J and S came to join us as well and brought their little dog that I can't remember her name...but regardless the kids loved her!

J and C and the elders who were so lucky to spend Christmas morning with us.

Grandpa and the boys.

Number 4

Getting back into my wedding dress after 6 years!


Too bad I still don't have a picture in front of the temple...but at least I know it can be done now.
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Number 5

Playing with the cousins...


Blame the over dramatic genes...

Say cheese! (Any suggestions on how to get my child to not squint and make a weird face when a camera is pointed at him?)
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Number 6

Visiting Yuba City and being together as a large, chaotic family...


This part of the trip up to J & C's was a special part for me. We're so glad they're back in CA so we have a better chance of seeing them when we come home to visit. Case in point, we were able to be there for baby Lewis' baby blessing. Definetly a high point.

Of course our children were the ones to have the melt down after church and all but refused to take pictures. Although I have to say, the other kids weren't all that thrilled either, but at least they look good.

I'm not sure I remember taking this picture...But I'm sure glad for whoever did take it. Aren't my boys handsome?
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The Cherry siblings minus M.

All the sweet grandchildren...and all very excited to be done with taking pictures.

Number 7

DISNEYLAND! Need I say more?


K and the kids riding the train into the park.

Drew and mom riding on the other side of the can see A's hair but she got cropped out somehow.

Disneyland really is a "small world after all"...while we there we ran in to JR and her family. It was really fun to see her and catch up a bit.

The kids had trouble with this photo stop, but it's the best out of the four we took.

Totally worth the wait...the kids LOVED seeing Winnie the Pooh.

And who could forget Eyore?

Number 8

Starring Grandpa and his lumpy lump lumps...
Puts a knot in my throat everytime...I love you Dad. You're the best Grandpa
(I'm not sure why this movie isn't working, but I'll have to check it later...)

Number 9


We got to be there for E's 2nd birthday and it was an "Elmo"-tastic time! The kids had fun decorating their own cupcakes with all different kinds of candy and sprinkles. I loved how E just jumped in and wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty.

Drew too! He loved getting dirty if it meant he could eat the candies. He didn't care much for the cupcake or the frosting, he just wanted to eat the candy off the top. "One for you, two for me."

B and A loved the decorating part. B was all about quantity and dumped loads of candy on his cupcake to eat and A was all about quality and very prettily placed her candies on the cupcake. Nate on the other hand didn't care much to get dirty. He liked putting the candies and sprinkles on his cupcake, but when it came time to eat it, he asked for a fork and knife.
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Number 10


Coming Home!

We had such an amazing time with our families and it was truly a lifetime memory for me but we were very anxious to get home to Eddie. By the end, the boys missed their Daddy something fierce and truth be told, I don't think I could have held out much longer. The boys were angels on the way home and the flight attendants made my experience almost relaxing. They brought them things to color with, warmed up chocolate chip cookies from first class, and would stop to talk with the kids each time they passed by. Thank heavens for nice people in the world!
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What happens at the gym....

does NOT stay at the gym! I was pulled out of my spin class yesterday by a gym employee letting me know that my child had been bitten and he wouldn't stop crying. I just assumed, silly me I know, that he got bitten on the finger or something a little less traumatic but no, some kid bit my son on the face! He left teeth marks, drew blood and a full 24 hours later looks like this still.


Now call me crazy, but if I got pulled out of my class, shouldn't the mother or father or responsible adult of the other child get pulled out as well? And call me crazy but wouldn't you think a child who drew blood of another child wouldn't be allowed to stay in the gym and play with the other children? You would think he would at least be sitting in a time out or something...but I guess that's not how my gym rolls. They have a firm "three strikes your out" rule and I'm baffled as to why this child would be allowed to bite or hit or hurt two other chilren before any discipline is taken. So my poor tramatized child (granted at times overly dramatic child) cried for a good few hours after the event and I had to leave early from my workout but this other child was allowed to keep playing with the other children, with no consequence to his actions and they assured me they would inform his parent when they came to pick him up. LAME!!! I keep trying to think about the situation from the other way around, what if it were Nathan that had biten another child...I would want to be pulled immediately so I could make Nathan apologize and then leave as a consequence to his choice. I think. Granted I would have been just as angry as I was yesterday but probably towards my child rather than another child and dumb 24-hour fitness workers and policies. But when I think about it I just get upset all over again. I tried to talk to the club manager and he just passed me off to some 800 number so that poor operator got an ear-full but I felt at least some gratification that she was going to pass my complaint along to the district manager who would be sure to contact me within 3 business days. Well, it's day 1 of 3, so we'll see if anyone calls me back.

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