Friday, December 5, 2008

My first Post

This may be my first posting in cyberspace. I feel like there is an echo to everything I'm saying, as if I am speaking to the vastness of the universe. OK, enough of that. Let's get down to the reason I am posting today. I love my wife. My gorgeous, funloving, supportive wife is at home while I am at the lab. (9:40 pm on a Friday) My mouse brain tissue has a one hour incubation left before I can continue with the experiment, and so I have been trying to stay busy writing, but instead found myself surfing the net. Again, I am drifting off topic as I feel my thoughts permeate this expansive and mysterious world of solitary sociality. Tracy, has been caring for our two cute children everyday at home, like many of her friends do with their little ones. Kids get sick, they get cranky, she gets sick and tired. The house seems to dirty itself moments after we all get up, and yet she greets me with a smile and a kiss when I come home each day, as if my stress needed more relief than hers. True, that if everything fell apart at the lab and I flunked out of school we would have no money or income and I would be looking for another proffession. But my stress is meaningless compared to that of teaching a child right and wrong and providing a good example for toddlers who don't seem to be paying attention anyway, and doing all that while constantly trying to take feelings of frustration from your mind. I believe her responsibility is infinitely greater than mine. As I write this I realize that I may be putting a little pressure without intending to. So to make my point, I just wanted to say thank you to my sweet wife who successfully accomplishes her responsibility while still finding time give me a healthy dose of joy.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Travel dates, double ear infections, a new puppy love and more!

Okay so it's been a crazy month. I don't even know if I have the patience to sit here and write it I'll lazily recap for ya'll. (in no particular order...just what comes to mind)
1. Drew is scheduled for surgery next Friday to have his adenoids removed and tubes put in his ears...turns out he's getting nothing from the world of sound and it's kept him from talking so it's time to bite the bullet.
2. On the topic of Drew, we're excited to have our real child returned to us cause I feel safe saying we are ALL tired of the one we've had for the last 3 months. (although we've caught glimpses of the real Drew now and then and of course some Drew is better than no Drew).
3. The other day we were at Kohl's and Drew found a little stuffed Dalmatian dog (i'm sure you've all seen them by now if you are a frequenter of Kohl's) that he toted around the store for the entire time we were there (and no I won't tell you how long that was). And that's saying a lot cause his attention span isn't very long.
4. We are flying in to San Jose on the 19th of December and Eddie leaves to come home around the 3rd of January but the boys and I will be staying a little longer in the sunny state of CA. However, after the 3rd I'll be in the southern regions with my sis. And then we fly home on the 13th. So to any and all LET'S GET TOGETHER! shoot me an email please!!!!! (tracyhaws at gmail dot com)
5. Eddie put up our Christmas tree and it looks fabulous! I love this time of year.
6. No news on our house yet. We've sent in the papers needed for the mediation people to get started like a month ago, but we've been told it can take 3-6 months for anything to communication of any sort I guess.
7. Happy belated Thanksgiving....I hope it was wonderful! I'm most thankful for my family, a home that hasn't split in half yet, the blessing of getting by with just one car, my new bedspread, and the knowledge that tomorrow is a new day.
8. I will just state here and now that our yearly newsletter will probably be late and I refuse to feel guilty...okay maybe a little guilty but it probably won't change anything.

Okay. Peace out.