Sunday, February 27, 2011

Anteater in Utero

Yesterday we got to spend a wonderful day together as a family thanks to the generosity of the UT Southwestern MDPhD program. They let us go to the Dallas Aquarium as a family for free and that night Eddie and I got to go out to eat at a restaurant called "Smoke". (Again for free!) On our way home from dinner Eddie needed to stop off at the lab to check out some brain slices under the EPI Fluorescent microscope. (Whatever that means, I just was along for the ride.) As I watched him fiddle and mess around with the settings of the microscope and change out slides and stuff, I realized how brilliant my husband is. I was overwhelmed with pride for all his hard work and for how much he loves science. And then he wanted me to look at what he was looking at....

Yeah, wanna know what I saw? What looked like a baby anteater in utero. Maybe I spent too much time at the aquarium today.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tender moments

So yesterday was a pretty rough day for our little kiddos. Eddie got up for work around 4:45 a.m. and we didn't see him until we picked him up at the train at 6:45 p.m.. I had dinner on a plate so he could eat in the car because he had to go straight to Mutual and then he went back in to work. He didn't get home until 3ish in the morning. (I don't know the actual time cause I was dead asleep but I do remember waking up and seeing him and asking him, "Are you getting home or are you getting ready for work?") Needless-to-say, the kids missed their Dad.

Well, Eddie and I have recently changed our family scripture study to in the morning instead of before bed. It's been really fun as the kids come snuggle us in bed and we read and pray before the day really gets started. Since Eddie was gone yesterday morning, when the kids came in (their usual sequence is Drew, Maggie, then Nate) I knew it was up to me to continue in the way that Eddie had set for our family. And I'm so grateful I did because it was one of the choicest experiences I've had with my children. We are reading in Jacob about Sherem and how he doesn't believe that Christ will come and he wants to dissuade the people away from Christ and how Jacob couldn't be swayed because of the testimony and experiences he had had. As I read to my children the words of Jacob, I was able to testify of the reality of Christ and that I too could never deny the reality of my Savior. I told them how much Eddie and I desire for them to have that same knowledge in their lives and that they can as they pray and listen to the Spirit. It was powerful and my heart was touched as each of the boys talked about how Jesus is their friend and that if someone tried to tell them not to believe, that they would never stop.

I'm so grateful for these little tender moments I get to have with my children.