Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This last year at school (pre-K) Nathan had this girl in his class that he LOVED...Delilah. We're almost into the next school year (in 2 weeks...Yikes!) and he's still talking about her. Well, to his pleasant suprise he got a telephone call from said Delilah. They talked for a few minutes and the smile on that boy's face caused great fear and trembling in my heart. I got a text from Delilah's mother the next day telling me about her conversation with Delilah after they got off the phone.

Delilah: Mom, how do you know what love is?
Mom: -Pause- Ummmm....
Delilah: Because I think I love Nathan.

When I was telling this story to Eddie, my sweet but hearing like a hawk son responded, "Oh...I love Delilah too."

Fast forward a few weeks to today. My friend K was watching Nate and Drew and when I came to pick them up she had a few 'isms' for me. Nathan had informed K that he had a girlfriend named Delilah...and that he loved her because she was smart...(big pause)...."but not as smart as me" (Nate). K also told me that L and Drew were talking about getting married and Nathan chimes in:

"Drew, you can't marry L because you have to marry someone that Maggie likes and I don't know if Maggie likes L. We should check with Mom."

I'm pretty sure Nathan is a 6 year old going on 56.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hot Texas Summer

Well we're well on our way towards the end of July already and I've failed to really take any pictures of our summer adventures. We've gone swimming practically every day, we've gone to the library frequently, and watched entirely too much PBS and QUBO. Doesn't it sound enticing?