Friday, January 21, 2011

October Events part III

Nathan had his 5th birthday in October too. It kind of got thrown together last minute (a trend in my life) but we had some friends come to the local Chuck-E-Cheese's and help celebrate Nate's special day. He was so excited to finally be 5 and he had a great time with his friends. They got to decorate their own goodie bags and play lots of fun arcade games and eat delicious ghost cupcakes (my first time playing around with fondant...they turned out really cute but I totally forgot to take pictures...also a trend in my life) and a ghost cake with glowing/fire eyes. It was a blast!

Some things about Nate at 5:
He weighs exactly the same as he has for the last 15 months but has grown taller. I've already had to replace his school pants twice.

He still loves to read and color and sort things.

He lights up when we pick him up from school and Drew is in the back seat.

He greets us every morning with a hug and a kiss. He's usually the last one awake too. (Drew is first and then Maggie and then Nate)

He says the most awesome prayers and always look at you like, "Wasn't that a good one?"

He is so in love with his baby sister and get her to smile and laugh almost as much as Eddie can.

He still doesn't eat a variety of food but has added celery and ham to his diet. Baby steps, baby steps. ;)

Nathan is so wonderful and we are lucky to have him in our family. Heavenly Father knew what He was doing sending Nate as our firstborn. We sure need this little man-child in our life.

The last event of October was an amazing Halloween party we attended. It was so much fun and we had to post just 2 more videos of the night. We already posted the one of our "grand entrance" but these were worth not leaving out. (Just ignore my hyena laugh and occasional squeel)

Eddie was the first in his group to get his donut all the way off...

and so we did a match-up between Eddie and Matt...It was pretty entertaining to say the least.


aaron and meg facer said...

I can't believe how big Nate is. I've only seen him once when he was a few weeks old. Your kids are adorable!