Wednesday, January 19, 2011

October Events

I probably should split up the October events into a few different posts. So here is two of the six.

The first event in October that we had was Maggie's 1st birthday! It was really very exciting to see our baby turn one. I can't believe how fast the time flew by. We, as in the ENTIRE family, are constantly telling Maggie how much we love her. You'll also hear things like, "Why are you so beautiful?" and "Hi Princess" and "Yeah for Maggie!". The boys are enamored of her and just want to see her laugh and smile and no doubt about it that Eddie and I are completely whipped. She's a great sleeper, a great eater, and very easy going. She loves to cuddle and doesn't cry too much, but definitely has an opinion of how she thinks things should go and will let you know if they don't. It's kind of embarrassing to admit, but she LOVES to watch movies. She absolutely loves anything soft and will squeeze it and put it in her face as she squeels with delight.

We kept her birthday pretty low key and had cake and presents that night as a family.

Maggie with Dad opening her presents.

Singing Happy Birthday to Maggie.

Getting her first bite of cake.

Are you ready for this?

She was definitely NOT shy about digging in.


The second big event in October was when we got to go the Great Wolf Lodge for free. We had gotten a 3 day/2 night stay for sitting through a really boring timeshare presentation. (Would do it again in a heartbeat!)

Here we are in the front lobby.

And these next ones are of the kids playing in the water park:

Drew going down the slide. The boys really split their time in half between the slide and the wave pool. They were at the slide until they heard the wolf call and then would run over to the wave pool.

Lovin' the wave pool! I wish I had gotten video of Nate without the innertube. He was in the waves up over his head and loving every second of it. Eddie taught the boys to body surf and they got pretty good at it.

The water park was such fun but the kids loved going in to the hotel room just as much. We let them watch Disney (we don't have cable at home) and we brought in all our own food so we would have picnics on our bed. The boys shared a bed and we had a seperate living area where we put Maggie in her pack-n-play. It was perfect!

We can't wait to do this again as a family...Our goal is to get there one more time before we leave Texas. (Which gives us 4 years to save up...and we'll need that time for sure!)


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