Thursday, August 6, 2009

Disney's "Up"

I just thought it was too cute to resist yesterday I took the boys to see "Up" for the first time and during the hospital scene where the wife is sitting in a chair with her husband standing behind her and the doctor standing in front of her, Nathan in his "not-so-quiet-but-trying-to-whisper" voice says, "Look, they're giving her a blessing Mom...right?"

It was almost as good as the boy down the row from us saying in his "not-trying-to-be-quiet-at-all" voice, "Why are we watching this again?"

I enjoyed the movie so much, I might be willing to risk that question from my child to see it again.

As a side note, sorry I don't have any pictures to post yet...I'm too lazy to download them while I'm on vacation, and plus we're having so much fun I keep forgetting to take any. lol. I'm home in a week or so and will hopefully get on top of it.